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Aman's Abbattoir is situated in Wellington, Ontario, right in the heart of picturesque Prince Edward County. Take a short drive along Highway 33, East from Trenton, or West from Picton and you will end up at the corner of Wharf St. and Main St., in Wellington County.

This is where Aman's Abbattoir has been running a slaughterhouse and butcher shop for over 40 years, specializing in custom slaughter for local area farmers. The actual shop has been there for about a hundred years if you counted the previous owners. Ted's father took over in 1963 and eventually handed the business to Ted in 1991.

Picture shot from an angle of the store front

There aren't too many locals to Wellington and the area who haven't heard of Ted Aman, or Aman's Abattoir. Ted's been written about in the local paper and in an article on one of the areas websites.

Ted has certainly modernized the butcher shop in the years he's been in charge. He's made some major structural renovations, like adding a new upstairs office space, as well as a new store front for his retail business. Ted's also invested in new equipment to increase business. Probably the biggest change has come from buying a new smoker. Now he can offer a variety of smoked meats like sausages, hot dogs and even smoked jerky. A visitor from the United States recently commented that it was "best beef jerky" she'd ever tasted.

Picture of Ted’s bike

The new smoker has increased business dramatically for Aman's Abattoir. Now Ted is the sole supplier of meat for the fast growing restaurant Buddha Dogs. Buddha Dogs, a gourmet hot dog restaurant which uses mainly locally produced ingredients, opened its doors in Picton over a year ago. It was so successful, the two owners have recently started up a new operation in Toronto in the King and Roncesvalles area. Buddha Dogs

When Ted has free time, which isn't often, he can usually be found with his motorcycle. If he's not adding new parts, he's probably motorcycling around the gorgeous winding roads of Prince Edward County. Motorcycling is a family affair for the Aman's. Ted's wife Mandy and daughter Holly enjoy camping and motorcycling trips every chance they get. In fact, when Holly was first born, Ted built a custom side-car for his bike so Holly could ride too.

Picture of Mandy and Ted

Aman's Abbatoir is a proud meat provider to many local Prince Edward County eateries and the sole meat processor to Buddha Dog. a restaurant that serves "Canada's Best Hotdog" according to Reader's Digest.

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